Thursday, June 27, 2013

Application Alley ::introduction::

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Application Alley


Welcome to “Application Alley”! We are excited to introduce you to a way we are sharing our wide array of capabilities, products, and the industries they are aligned to. These stories are examples of how we strategically partner with customers to conquer a challenge, and deliver quality solutions that positively improve our customer’s business efforts.

Within these examples, you will discover the investment we make into solving a problem through listening to our customers, utilizing our Engineering, Testing, Measurement, Design, Tooling, and other expertise to provide customer driven innovation. We describe the situation, actions taken, and how our approach and processes allow for increased productivity, efficiency, functionality, and performance.

We appreciate you stopping by to check out Application Alley, and hope you learn more about our business, our purpose, and why WE MATTER.™. I encourage you to invest time in learning more about our company and products by way of, and to give us a to discover how we can partner, solve, and deliver for your needs.

With enthusiasm,

Brian Siegel
Global Marketing Director
Standex-Meder Electronics

Julie Dargie
Marketing & Distribution Manager

Werner Ludes
Marketing Manager, Europe

Shelin Xu

Marketing, Asia

Friday, June 7, 2013


More than a slogan, it's how we work.

Partner  |  Solve  |  Deliver

Why should you care about a manufacturer of components such as reed switches and relays, planars, inductors, magnetic sensors, and switches? What are these products anyway? Why do we matter?


This is a fundamental question of any business. For constituents to better grasp our purpose and unique values, “WE MATTER.™” was born. When you open a door, flip a switch, measure fluid level, track an object, adjust a thermostat, fly a plane, drive a car, captain a boat, wash your clothes, get a medical test, or thousands of other activities – we are there.


We are fueling the processes that we glance over or often take for granted daily. Our markets are as diverse as the applications we can influence. Energizing the process of a solar panel, helping guide a satellite, bolstering the safety of a car ride, better protecting a soldier in the field, or taking a recreational drive on a snowmobile or jet-ski – our ability to catalyze the experience around what seem simple tasks through our innovative customer driven technology is present.


Our team has been providing solutions through high-performing products since the 1950’s. Through growth, acquisition, strategically partnering with customers, and applying the latest engineering designs to the needs of our ever-changing world, our technology has infused transforming results into an array of customer’s needs – ultimately providing quality results to the end-user. Our approach that fuels this is achieved by: 1) Partnering with the customer 2) Confronting a challenge to solve and 3) Delivering solutions and products that address your needs as a business.


You see these items, but you don’t always see our product. We are not just selling components. We are providing quality performing transformers, inductors, reed switches, reed relays, sensors and other items that deliver safety, precision, and functionality when and where it matters. That’s our unique value and why we exist. This is why we exist and is not only customer driven – but quality and life driven all across the globe millions of times a day.


Our work, growth, and dedication to providing reliable high-quality products through our Engineering and manufacturing expertise go beyond products we ship. We invest in our employees, in our communities, and are much more than a company logo that represents an array of diverse products.


We matter. We are important because our parts provide important measuring, testing, and sensing capabilities to our customer’s products. Our customer’s products go on to influence people’s daily lives and well being. Safety, security, lighting, a trip in the sky, starting a car, powering your home or even the entire grid – we bring what seems basic – alive. We matter, for you.


I encourage you to visit our website or give us a to learn more about our capabilities, and how we can partner, solve, and deliver to your needs.


With appreciation,


Brian Siegel

Global Marketing Director

Standex-Meder Electronics